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Dr Donald Ng Reviews

his clinic is way behind times

If you really really do not have any other doctors to go, then choose Dr. Donald from Alaxis. The thing is I have been to several aestheticians, so I have accumulated a considerable amount of knowledge about doctor's practices and technologies. If you are doing some simple stuff, like double eyelids, liposuction, fats stuff (all these other doctors can perform equally well too... its darn simple), then maybe donald is up to the tasks. But if you are looking at good laser technology, his clinic is way behind times. And the way he vaguely described about improvements and his laser technology, one can feel is like entering into an elementary school. Hardly convincing as he knew i have certain knowledge. In summary, if you think you have a problem at hand, choose other doctors instead. if you are just looking for simple procedures, maybe you could try him..... at your own preference.

Thumps up Dr Ng!

Went to Dr Ng for fat grafting yesterday, I'm truly amazed by work! He's truly skilful and didn't fail me at all. I've no bruises right after the procedure and this morning, I woke up with all the marks gone from my face! The clinic's staffs are friendly and helpful, especially Sandy.

You need not go Korea for such procedure, as the skill is already here in his clinic! Thumps up Dr Ng!

simple and Painless process

What a simple and Painless process

I visited Alaxis Aesthetics Clinic for some facial work to be carried out.
Over the past few years ive noticed saggy skin on the side of my Jaw. Dr Donald in the consultation said a few treatments using there most requested treatment. Facial Slimming using JJ Thread Lift.
So I registered on line and recieve reduction in the price for the amount of the Consultation.
This was a suprise as I never asked for this.

The treartment was virtually painless and not much discomfort.
I am awiting the next treatent and can see the difference in the mirror. This is a very simple facelift treatment.
I would recommend it to anyone with aging sign


I have been seeing my hairline slowing moving backwards in the mirror. So on a trip to Singapore, a friend reccommend me to contact Donald Ng at Alaxis Aesthetics which I did. I booked a consultation and meet with Donald who infomed me of my options.
I went for the FUE Hair Transplant method and havebook a appointment for my next visit in June 2018.

Perhaps Dr Donald is good in other procedure but not for my hair transplant experience.

I did FUE hair transplant on Dec 2017. It has been 1+ year after my hair transplant but i still see no results. The area where hair were planted saw a survival rate of 20% but my original hair fell off and never grew back. Net off, there is no additional growth in the transplanted area. I did 2000 graft for 10,000SGD.

I went back regularly for review throughout the period but the only advice i get from dr Donald is to wait. He told me hair can grow up to 1.5year after operation. My last review with him, it was clear that this operation was a failure. I am a very health conscious individual who exercise regularly, watch my diet carefully and take my vitamins so that rules out the health explanation that I couldn’t keep the hair. Area where hair was not transplant had the same density as before so it rules out the explanation that my original hair was going to fall off anyway. So the only explanation left is the doctor’s practice.

He offered to redo the operation for half the price which i turned down. If the doctor failed in this treatment the first time what makes one think that it will succeed the second time. Besides that, the downtime is extremely long, the procedure is very painful and you will be bald for the first 6 months. The first 2 weeks, your face will swollen, the first month your scalp will be bloody and sore. I asked for discount on the non invasive procedure but was turned down by him.

I see some hair transplant reviews were posted even before they went for the surgery which makes me wonder why will someone write review before seeing the results. Perhaps Dr Donald is good in other procedure but not for my hair transplant experience.

Generally not too pushy unlike others.

Highly skilled, personal, attentive- great attention to details and professional Doctor. Generally not too pushy unlike others. Staff are customer service oriented, warm and genuinely friendly.

About Dr Donald Ng

Dr Donald Ng is an experienced physician with  interest in cosmetic medicine and surgery.  He is energetic and constantly looking for  treatments with a network of doctors. He believes in seeking as much training as possible in cosmetic surgery and medicine as he knows clearly that the standard in this field is very high and there are many more experienced doctors then himself. He has traveled all over Asia and trained with many experts in the field. He counts himself fortunate to have many mentors in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand as these countries represent uniquely asian cosmetic surgery. He has also trained in liposuction in Belgium, Italy and Canada. He is not a plastic surgeon by training.