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Dr Justin Boey Reviews

did both Ultherapy and HIFU treatments

My experience at Sozo Aesthetic Clinic was pleasant and professional. I did both Ultherapy and HIFU treatments, which were well explained by the doctors on the treatment processes, the expected result after treatment and how to take care of my skin post treatment. Even though I had extremely sensitive skin, there wasn't any downtime at all! I would highly recommend Sozo Aesthetic Clinic if you are looking for non-invasive treatments.

Been with Dr Justin and his team for a year

Been with Dr Justin and his team for a year now on various treatments. And I have to say they have been one of the most attentive and dedicated people I have had worked with on the journey to great skin. No nonsense and pushy approach, Dr Justin will only advise and recommend accordingly with the precise tailored treatment option as he deem fit for every individual

Overall my complexion has drastically improved within a year. So if you’re someone who opts for transparency, sincerity and effectiveness then you might want to give them a chance to help you achieve your skin goals!

will most likely go for second round of treatments

Hey All,

I did some due diligence researching regarding what to expect and some important aspects I had to understand prior to getting treatment was
1) My scars are permanent
2) Improvements will not be 100%

That said I referred to sites like SethLui and TheSmartLocal on clinic the have tried. Many clinics are recommended but I have come to the decision to try SOZO Aesthetics because they do subcision.

Here are the treatments I got across 8 treatments. Multiple treatments in one session to fit all these.
3x TCA Cross.
8x Subcision
8x CO2 Lasers
6x RF Infini
6x Rejuran Fillers

All within 8 sessions. Appox $5500++ excluding the fillers, do note is not exact amount. Quite value for money.

In comparison, typically clinics would price their packages at $4000 and what you only get is 2x CO2 laser,3x RF Infini, 2x TCA peels and NO subcision.

Anyways, here are pictures of before the 1st session and after 7th session.

I will most likely go for second round of treatments. I upload 2nd update then. Lets see if there's least 50% reduction.

amazed by Dr Boey who personally reached out

I’m an existing client who has just signed a package with them, for 5 sessions of CO2 fractional lasers for my acne scar concerns. I did my 1st session of laser along with Rejuran fillers about a week ago. The CO2 laser was minimum pain and fast.

I changed my review to 5 stars, because I’m amazed by Dr Boey who personally reached out to me, despite me having after laser issues, on his off day. I can see the sincerity and lengths this clinic will go to ensure their clients’ concerns are addressed. I’m glad I chose this clinic.

Have been visiting Dr Justin for 4 sessions of acne scars treatment

I started getting cystic acne when I was a teenager. I got unsightly scars as I didn’t bother and take good care of my skin. After my research and I finally decided to go with Sozo because I found that Dr Justin did lots of acne scar removal practices and with satisfied results. During the consultation, he was very patient addressing my skin concerns and giving alternative solutions professionally.

Have been visiting Dr Justin for 4 sessions of acne scars treatment which is the combination of lasers and subcision with rejuran. I can feel my skin texture and scars are much shallower. It’s definitely better than before!

must thank Dr Boey for his highly ethical consultation!
Regenera activa hair loss treatment with Sozo's Dr Justin Boey was effective. Happy with my results at 6 months! tried many other hair loss treatments at other centres but this is one of the most effective hair loss treatments.

I must thank Dr Boey for his highly ethical consultation!

I initially wanted to do FUE hair transplant - spend more than $10,000.
However, he recommended that I try Regenera activa first because I might be able to see results with regenera activa alone.

He helped me to save more than $6000+. Regenera activa cost $3k+.

Other clinics in orchard that I went to all suggested FUE hair transplant straight away. probably because it is higher profit margins for the doctors.

I'm happy with my hair growth results. Highly recommend!

most of the reviewers here have only made one review ever. Not sure what to think.

I went for mild acne on one part of my face and despite saying I was sensitive to glycolic acid, was generically put under an iS Clinical Fire and Ice peel. Spent $480 for the peel and a cleanser. I went ahead with it thinking this derm knows his recommendation and he explained it was a blended multi acid and meant to be non irritating peel. Also I didn’t want to have made a wasted trip.

Anyways it was pretty much pay the a la carte price or sign up for their acne package at $2400 which consists of different options of things that can be done each visit depending on how your skin was and what the derm decided you need, there was nothing else or lower times package.

Glad I didn’t sign on because I broke out on the other parts of my face after and my skin on my left cheek is left pretty sensitised and bumpy now (3 weeks after). I get that purging of underlying comedones happen sometimes but my face was pretty clear on those areas.

The clinic is fine, but what they offer is what it is. Post consult and before the peel, I was told to sit outside with the receptionist and explained and presented this package. I was presented no other options. It is good that its flexible but I’m not sure it is as patient focused as they present the package to be, just my opinion. Felt like another aesthetic derm clinic’s sales approach.

Only upside was the therapist that did my facial was nice.

It also strikes me as strange that most of the reviewers here have only made one review ever. Not sure what to think.

Not informative, would try other clinics.

Not informative, would try other clinics. After seeing a number of positive Google reviews, decided to visit Sozo for my pigmentation.
Disappointed with the consultation and the service. Clinic was filled, waited for 20 mins for the consultation and other customers were waiting for the same doctor. Felt that consultations as done in a rush as it was done within 5 minutes, costing $70. Was expecting a full face screening with a professional skin analyser but was just greeted with a normal ring light mirror. Doctor only briefly explained about my pigmentation and did not explain what will the procedure be like for Pico laser and how the it works. If I knew the consultation would be this short, I would have used the opportunity to ask about my other skin conditions.

Before the treatment, was asked to sign a declaration form acknowledging some vague clauses that no one even briefed about it to me. Felt like a criminal for requesting more details on it but you can’t expect me to sign on a dotted line without any understanding. No numbing cream was provided unlike stated in other paid reviews.

No comments on the treatment itself as I am paying for the technology. Lasers were only done on the pigmentation on my cheeks but the ones on my nose were left out. Sunscreen was applied after the treatment and no after care creams were given.

Great that the team did not hard sell but they should provide more basic information.

no guarantees

Five sessions at $3.5k+ for subcision and fractional CO2 laser after also purchasing a moisturiser from the clinic designed for recovery of the skin after aesthetic treatments.

CO2 treatments were recommended based on papular scars I was there to get rid of. Was also recommended to give my ice pick scars a go with subcision and so I did.

Subcision worked for some but not all ice pick scars. CO2 laser evidently shrunk pores, but was not effective in treating papular scars- with them resurfacing to their original state after a month since the last treatment.

Doctor did start by saying that he does not provide to his customers, success rates for his treatments- thus no guarantees there.

Service was unprofessional and robotic-like.

Service was unprofessional and robotic-like. The lady at the counter, (Zenia?), was very pushy and kept trying to upsell the clinic's services. Was quite surprised because as an aesthetic clinic, I thought the treatments should be customised and recommended by a certified doctor instead of the sales staff. I was also shocked at how curt and unfriendly the lady doctor was, and she did not seem interested in addressing her patient's concerns. Definitely my first and last time here. The most terrible experience I ever had at an aesthetic clinic so far.

About Dr Justin Boey

After graduating from National University of Singapore, Dr Boey’s journey in Aesthetics brought him to esteemed institutions such as Harvard Medical School, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Queen Mary University of London in diverse cities like Seoul, London, Boston and New York.

Equipped with one of the most comprehensive clinic set-ups in South-East Asia, he also treats international patients beyond Singapore’s shores from Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei and Korea.