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Dr Kenneth Thean Reviews

really happy that I found Dr Thean

Friend: Hey, you look different nowadays. Your face looks prettier and nicer. What did you do or apply?
Me: Oh, I go for laser treatment in Ensoul to make my face nice nice.
Friend: Expensive??
Me: I feel is really worth the money cos, every treatment cost a little more than going for facial in beauty salon BUT the result is faster and lasting. So when you compare the same amount of money and time you spend on facial to the laser by my Doctor, you cannot get the same good result as laser.
Friend: Your face looks better than mine now. I go facial every month for so many years liao but.... (sigh)
Me: Hey, I only go to Ensoul for laser by Dr Thean 2 years ago.
Friend: Wah, 2 years can have this kind of result, then in 10 years time, you mah become baby face. Hahaha........

When my friends start telling me how good I look nowadays, I am really happy that I found Dr Thean. To me, Dr Thean is a perfectionist, so his skill in laser treatment for my stubborn melasma and oil seed is so good and perfect. He is very honest in the result he delivers and will not under or over promise. He explains that once I start with his laser treatment, I will never regret. Indeed, no regrets but I am hooked by the results each time. Thank you to my Chrismatic Dr Thean.

Thumbs up for the team in Ensoul Medical!

Hi there! I came to Ensoul Medical after stumbling upon Dr Kenneth Thean's pigmentation video on FB. My face developed freckles, sun spots and melasma in my late 20s and it got worse after childbirth. I saw a dermatologist previously but results weren't to my expectations and hence I was hesitant to try another. Guess the video convinced me eventually and I went ahead with a trial laser session by Dr Thean after consulting him. (Nope, there was no hard-sell of services and packages, everyone in the team was professional! ) Beyond knowledge and sharp eyes from his years of experience, what stood out in Dr Thean (to me) is his passion in the area of pigmentation. He is just as determined as the patient is to rid off imperfections on the face. Dr Thean capitalizes on equipment and latest technology so as to treat multiple problems (acne, melasma, milia seeds, solar lentigoes etc) on the face using different types of lasers in a single session and all-in-one reasonable pricing. That to me, is wow! A year has passed and I'm very pleased that my skin tone has improved tremendously and in fact, lightened by a concealer shade (though I hardly put on make-up these days). Thumbs up for the team in Ensoul Medical!

hope many more will get their skin pigment treated under the magic hand of Dr Kenneth Thean

I have been suffering from persistent melasma developed all over my face areas for more than 3 years, before seeking treatment at Ensoul Medical Clinic, l tried many types of treatment cream plus oral medication over 2 years but the result is unsatisfactory.

After 6 sessions of Dr Thean recommended laser treatments, my melasma have since lightened tremendously, and l am thrilled with the results.
Dr Thean is friendly and very professional, he always explains very clearly before he starts any treatment. The staff were warm and friendly.

I don’t usually write reviews, but after much improvement in my skin conditions, l am thankful and hope many more will get their skin pigment treated under the magic hand of Dr Kenneth Thean and his team.
Would highly recommend Ensoul Medical Clinic to those who has skin problems especially melasma

the whole team is just amazingly pleasant and friendly

Dear People,

This lobang is too good not to share. As the saying goes, good things must share! Hence my review.

I have patronised a few aesthetic clinics, burned my face, and my pocket too, but to no satisfactory results.

However, a buddy knew my struggles and introduced me to Dr Chiam at Ensoul. My concerns were addressed and rectified by Dr Chiam and his wonderful team. They never fail to put me at ease and patiently addressed all my skin issues and queries. Dr Chiam is extremely friendly, super nice and entertaining to keep me distracted during the laser session. It feels as though I knew him for the longest time.

Needless to say that my face had a vast transformation within a short period of time, which my friends and even my mother has complimented on.

I have recommended a few friends who were highly satisfied with their results as well. And if you are reading this review to determine your decision on Ensoul ... please look no further.

Not only do you get what you pay for in terms of results, the whole team is just amazingly pleasant and friendly. They are so accommodating and prompt with their follow ups.
Above all they make you feel at home during your visits, Eileen is one of the many to name. 🙂

I reckon easily my skin looks at least 5-10 years younger…

So I have been a sceptic of the whole laser treatment after seeing my galfrens get it. I am now a believer. My skin had pin holes and some acne scares…. So decided to try the laser trial at Ensoul and after that I have had 1 full session of quad laser. Two months later and WOW…..! Pins holes & pores are a lot smaller. The pimple bumps are smoother. Skin is a lot more taunt and less dry. I reckon easily my skin looks at least 5-10 years younger… Really am looking forward to complete more sessions. He has the right lasers and is a really thoughtful doctor. He takes time to explain and understand your concerns. Thanks Dr Thean!

Every visit to Ensoul I see improvement in my skin.

I have visited a dermatolgist for my pigmentation/melasma for abt 8-10yrs but the fader cream prescribed didnt seem to work fast enough. My colleague recommended me to see Dr Thean and after reading the positive reviews, I decided to give Ensoul a try.
After the 2nd-3rd laser session, I really noticed my melasma has started to lighten!
Well, needless to say, I decided to continue the laser treatments with Dr Thean and my melasma has not only faded, my skin has also become tighter. Now I don’t need to use any concealer when I make up.
Every visit to Ensoul I see improvement in my skin. And Dr Thean and his staff have always made my visits enjoyable and there is no pressure by them to hardsell any service or products. The staff have been very diligent and attentive to the smallest detail and needs of each patient, especially during the pandemic period.
I wished I had got to know Ensoul earlier and I will definitely recommend Ensoul to any of my friends who are having skin issues, esp pigmentation.

I now even receive glowing compliments on my complexion

I first visited Dr Kenneth Thean some time back in 2017/2018 and this is after much actual trial and errors with other clinics for my acne scarring concerns.

The other treatments I underwent with range from renown aesthetic clinics to government-backed medical institutions. All in all, I had about at least 4-5 treatments over 3-4 years with a focus on acne scar revision. Not only were the treatments uncomfortable, the results are definitely not as apparent and pleasing as to what Dr Thean has customised for me.

For context, I gone through two intensive laser treatments spaced out a year plus to two years apart as I had volatile professional commitments. Each treatment brought about amazing results and it complemented well with a simple home skin care routine and occasional facials.

I now even receive glowing compliments on my complexion (which is a bonus!) and curious friends are often pleasantly surprised when I told them how I suffered from severe acne and scarring before. I could only say so much of how dealing with the trauma of scarring has done to my self-esteem.

Am currently doing maintenance treatments with Ensoul targeting other issues and I intend to continue doing so. Very thankful to Dr Thean and his team of angels for changing my life and instilling the confidence back in me.

Dr Thean is professional, patient in explaining the treatments to me and is full of drive and passion.

I have tried many medical clinics for melasma treatment.My visit to Ensoul has proved to be one of the best decisions made.

Dr Thean is professional, patient in explaining the treatments to me and is full of drive and passion. By the 3rd to 4th treatment, the persistent melasma pigments have faded. My skin complexion becomes clearer, brighter and more youthful. Best of all, there is no down time and the results are visible with only a few treatments. Thank you Dr Thean and team for your patience and dedication to service excellence!

Dr Chiam who treated me is professional and gentle

Ensoul offered me the latest combination of laser treatments to address my pigmentation problems in a comfortable and cosy clinic and Dr Chiam who treated me is professional and gentle and has great bedside manner and his humour and banter kept me at ease and relaxed during treatments .
Visible results that pigmentation has lightened a lot with Quad 4 laser treatments and my skin looks so good now that I dont need to apply concealer at all and only sunscreen .He and his caring and accomodating team did such a good job that i recommended 3 other people who signed up for pigmentation and HiFu treatments.My boyfriend finally got his long delayed treatment to clear his skin tags and millia seeds and oil seeds in 1 session and he was so amazed at the results and he wondered why he had procrastinated getting it done before.He said the price is so reasonable he has to resist himself from getting more work done on his face.He is amazed that Dr Chiam did not suggest for him to get more work done and in fact told him liposuction is not needed when he enquired.

About Dr Kenneth Thean

The ENSOUL Medical Clinic has been established based on 38 years of medical experience. Guided by our founder and Medical Director, Dr Kenneth Thean, his vision for excellence is embedded within the clinic’s ethos.

Aiming to provide a comprehensive skin care & body solution for our customers, we have expanded our aesthetic services to provide non-invasive solutions for body management and sculpting – ENSOUL Body Clinic.