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Dr Shane Abucewicz-Tan Reviews

most satisfied with the results from The Aesthetics Loft Clinic

The Aesthetics Loft Clinic is professional in all aspects from Dr. Shane Tan to his team as well as the equipment and products they use which are first class. I have tried several aesthetics clinic (here and overseas) given how sensitive my skin is and I was most satisfied with the results from The Aesthetics Loft Clinic. Couple of highlights would be their:

1/ Meticulousness

Dr. Shane is very meticulous. I came in with a very strong POV for my concerns - instead of jumping right to the treatments he listened to my concerns, asked further questions in order for him to give a clear diagnosis and solutions on what needs to be done. He even gave me an overview on the skin composition and how our skin reacts to certain activities which I really appreciate!

Unlike other clinics I have tried, Dr. Shane also gave his POV on prioritization. He makes you feel he is there to help and not just do the treatments just because. Overall - I find consultation sessions and check ups with him very detailed which gives me more confidence on the results I would like to see.

2/ Strong follow through

His team is amazing in following through. From administrative items like scheduling to regular check up on me - they are stellar. Dr. Shane stayed in touch to check on me post treatment and walked me through the journey as the treatment progressed and post treatment to seeing results.

I feel a sense of trust and openness in communicating with him and his team and they are very responsive!

3/ Personal Care for Patients

Lastly - Dr. Shane and his team made me feel at home - being in a foreign country, maintaining good relationships and staying in touch with your doctor and his team helped alot in my journey to better skin and self care. Dr. Shane gave me tips on skin care routine, and how I can maximize the results of my treatment which I followed - post circuit breaker when I came back we were all very happy with my progress!

Felt like I was in this wellness journey with a cordial, caring yet ultra professional team - huge kudos!!

Not pushy or sales-driven

Despite having so many patients, the doctor’s time management is fantastic and my wait time was so much better than most clinics I have been to. The medical professionals are patient and objective when it comes to explaining necessary procedures and answers all questions before commencing. Not pushy or sales-driven, I felt very comfortable going through the whole process. Highly recommend if you are keen to speak with a patient doctor who is experienced and skilled at what he does.

knows the right treatment for my skin..

I had a very good experienced here 3 days ago..I just came out from the quarantine and went there for consultation and did the treatment as dr.Shane sugessted to..and I love the result!! I think He's the best aesthetic dr I've ever met..His explanation is very clear..He knows the right treatment for my skin..He's a kind and friendly person too..from now on He's gonna be the doctor that I can trust for my skin..Highly recommended..

Dr. Tan was very professional and welcoming

Dr. Tan was very professional and welcoming from the I stepped in.

He listened to the point of understanding then paraphrased what I was looking to do just to make sure he fully understood what I was expecting.

He meticulously explained what he was doing throughout the procedure so I was kept well aware of what was going on. Once done, he took a lot time to explain in detail what I had to do after the procedure.

The experience didn’t end there. He followed up with me every day and asked me to send him photos of the treated areas so he could constantly monitor my condition.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience where I was looked after by a doctor who genuinely cared for me.

Dr.Shane is the most knowledgeable surgeon i’ve come across

Dr.Shane is the most knowledgeable surgeon i've come across in his field. He doesn't hard sell, and only advises what u need the most. i went for a simple tag removal and he reassured at all times that i felt no pain at all. fast, simple and efficient. follow up is the at the best. and if u want a good looking fellow to do stuff to ur body for u, he's the guy for it!

pricing here is transparent

Was recommended this clinic and am glad I chose to come here to treat my acne scars! my skin looks significantly better after just a few sessions with Dr Shane, who is very professional and meticulous. The service here is great too - the staff will follow up on your recovery after every procedure, and are pleasant to interact with whenever you come for your treatment. I've never been pressured to go for more procedures than necessary, and the pricing here is transparent. On the overall, I'm very impressed with their customer-centric service and with the results I've gotten since coming here. My skin looks way better than before!! 🙂

About Dr Shane Abucewicz-Tan

Dr Shane Tan graduated from the National University Of Singapore with a Bachelors in Medicine in Surgery and later attained his post-graduate surgical membership at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. He currently sits on the executive committee of the Society of Aesthetic Medicine, Singapore.

With a long-standing interest in aesthetic work, he has presented at multiple international conferences and has published articles on reconstruction, basic science, and medical education.

Fully accredited in the performance of the offered procedures, he is also a certified practitioner and member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. He is also a locoregional trainer to doctors for the use of Teoxane’s range of fillers.