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Mizu Aesthetic Clinic

Located in: Marina Bay Link Mall
Address: 8A Marina Boulevard Marina Bay Link, Mall, #B2-12, 018984
Phone: 6634 4033

Dr Tan Ying Zhou (YZ Tan) Reviews

very dissappointing, will never go back there

went for a trial hydrafacial, i was told when i enquired that ill need to consult with the doctor. however when i got there i was asked if i want to just proceed with the facial.i have not done hydrafacial before but i have researched alot on it before going as a previous dermatologist i saw also recommended it for my clogged pores. the hydrafacial was done for me by the lady at the recept. she explained the steps to me which sounds about right what iv researched, however when the treatment begin it was different she also told me hydrafacial cannot treat clog pores and i should go for 'deep extraction' which is just manually squeezing by them? so from what i researched all steps were supposed to be done by the hydrafacial machine with different tips from including the chemical peel and extraction. these 2 were however done manually! she used her hand for extraction which was what i was trying to avoid by going for hydrafacial. chemical peel was applied with a brush, the suction with the machine was done sloppily swiped on my face without sequence, missed lots of spots and was random... i wanted to see the doctor after treatment to query but it was a long wait so i left. very bad experience and the hydrafacial is not real/complete. very dissappointing, will never go back there.

don’t think this is reliable when you need to ask any thing especially after the procedure

I have called down to the clinic since 11am until now which is 12.56pm, but the phone is engage and I have more than 40 calls. I don’t think this is reliable when you need to ask any thing especially after the procedure.

treatments were administered (painlessly)

The experience was seamless, from the moment I contacted the clinic to book my appointment right down to receiving the treatment at the clinic. Doctor was patient in his explanation which was helpful for a first time customer like me. I was also quite impressed by how the treatments were administered (painlessly). I immediately secured a credit package with this assurance that my future sessions would be in good hands. Thanks mizu!

Skin shows no improvement after laser

Skin shows no improvement after laser. Just realised my sis also went to this clinic for trial a few months back, but her skin flared up shortly after. She texted mizu on her skin condition but got no replies. No service recovery whatsoever. Not gonna recommend this clinic to anyone.

Thank you Mizu!

I’ve been acquainted with Mizu for a long time and went there recently for treatment of my acne scarring. The experience has been nothing short of excellent. The staff are friendly and efficient. The clinic is clean and comfortable. Most importantly, the doctor is professional and patient in addressing my needs and concerns. Treatment is skilled and expertly administered. My skin is not only smoother but brighter. Thank you Mizu!

very glad I found Mizu

I've been to many clinics for my melasma which is not easy to treat. Mizu is the best. Dr Tan is very experienced. He has a whole range of modern machines which he uses on my face to give me the results that I want. Now my skin is so much clearer than 4 years ago. Also, their pricing is very reasonable, unlike many other clinics. I am very glad I found Mizu and will stick to them for a long time to come.

About Dr Tan Ying Zhou (YZ Tan)

Dr. Tan Ying Zhou (Dr. YZ Tan), the Founder and Medical Director of Mizu Aesthetic Clinic (previously Simplistiq) set up in April 2015. Having obtained his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from St. George’s, University of London, and further pursued his interest in Aesthetic medicine by interning in Dermatology at the National Taiwan University Hospital.