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Dr Teo Wan Ling Reviews

Dr Teo is very empathetic and reassuring

Brought my daughter to Dr Teo to get her acne treated. Dr Teo is very empathetic and reassuring towards my daughter. I could tell that Dr is very knowledgeable and experienced from the consultation. Her team of staff are great too! Impressed by the results of the treatments and Dr.TWL cosmeceuticals on my daughter’s skin, I decided to visit her for my own skin concerns too. I would like to specially mention the radiance emulsion and sunprotector prescribed to me.They feel so light weight on my skin, it’s amazing! The pigmentation on my face has always been troubling me and ever since I started treatment with Dr Teo, it has lightened tremendously and I noticed my skin is looking brighter & feeling more supple. Many thanks Dr Teo & Team!

would definitely recommend this experience

I went for the custom Lip Lab experience, and was so pleased with my personalised LipSerum stick. It was a really interactive and fun experience. I got my skin tone analysed, and a colour recommendation based on my tone and colour wheels. As a designer, I could fully appreciate how colour theory was integrated into the experience. What I also enjoyed very much was getting to 'try' on all kinds of different shades with the virtual mirror (you can also try it on their website). That experience really helped me quickly narrow down my desired shade, which was really nice compared to going down to a store and trying on all the different shades on my hand...The best part was getting to see my lipstick made right in front of me! I chose a red toned colour with peach flavour, and when I tried it on, I was so happy with how the shade looked on me, and also how buttery smooth and natural it felt on my lips! I would definitely recommend this experience as a treat for anyone, and I think it would also make an amazing and thoughtful gift for a female friend or family member. 🙂

my skin didn’t improve much

EDITED: (Original Review attached as photos.)

Thank you for your prompt reply Justin.

Firstly, you mentioned that the review of the costs incurred are not accurate, and GROSSLY inflated. I do have the documents of my purchases and visits and here's the breakdown:

1st visit, invoice 4132 & 4133: $1382.40
2nd visit, invoice 4274: $952.30
3rd visit, invoice 4521: $1235.85

Online purchase,
Order 7350 - $283.55
Order 8051 - $107 (Elixir V Bundle on discount, $350 reduction)
Order 8241 - $139.10 (Mineral Booster on discount, $130 reduction)
Order 8259 - $387.88 (Anti-Acne Bundle on discount, $362.50 reduction)
Order 9356 - $58.85

Total amount spent at TWL: $4546.93

In the original review, i estimated the amount to be around $5000. I apologise that it was inflated by approximately $400 plus dollars BUT i did state that it was an estimate, and i rounded it up to the nearest thousand.

And i am not representing any brands, but sure, i would be happy to help in your investigation when the team contacts me, since you mentioned that there are third parties sabotage on the clinic.

I apologise to the brands i mentioned in my prior review, because it was certainly not my intention to drag them in, i am just a normal user of their products and in no way i'm advertising for them.

Also, what i said about TWL's product was that my skin didn't improve much, and it could be inferred from the previous review that the products don't break me out too, which i thought was a pretty decent comment. This was also what i said of the other brands i've mentioned, just that i included they are more affordable. And in my review, i also mentioned that i had made purchases after my three visits to the dermatologist, and in no way did i state that i was forced to purchase the cosmeceutical skincare range. Also, i wrote that i'm still using the honey cleanser and sunprotector from TWL, so i regret if you interpreted it as an attack on TWL products.

I wrote the previous review with the intention of sharing my experience with less informed customers - i thought that was the point of reviews. And i think it was in no way defamatory or angled at harming your business reputation or dermatologist. I did mention that the dermatologist was professional and a possible reason why my skin didn't improve was due to not heeding her advice of going for blue light sessions. So i regret if you thought i was trying to harm your business reputation especially when the last part of previous review caveated that different doctors might work for different patients.

the doctor is definitly over rated

I found this clinic on google, and was attracted by it,s 4.6 score, I applied for appointment and was told the first visit cost 150 SGD & review cost 120, I believe higher price for better service , went to the clinic with good wish, but later I found I was absolutely wrong. The doctor is not professinal, too proud or too lazy to move a finger during the examination, I try to tell her my prvious medical attention to help the diagnostic, but she did not listen, I think she's hurry for her lunch, and left a long list of prescription , let me " try if it's work, and back to review in two weeks" , and then I found the 150USD diagnostic fee is only small piece of cake of the total bill.
And then I "try" the prescription and not surprisingly not work.
I had read some of the comments, and regret not having read earlier, the doctor is definitly over rated, and the score will mislead people who like me believe rates, I hope my comment will help people who want to go this clinic, please have more consideration.

Big fan of TWL!

Did my first ever chemical peel @Dr TWL’s clinic. With the experienced staff, i was assured of a painless procedure. I was warned by friends to expect some redness and swelling. Thankfully after the 25 min session, there wasn’t any of that, just alittle tingling feeling. My face felt tighter but slightly drier than usual the next day. After applying moisturiser, it felt more hydrated. After a week my friends noticed my skin looked brighter (I didn’t tell them i went for the peel!!) Was a great experience overall. Big fan of TWL! Will be back for more cosmetic treatments soon 🙂

very good and not expensive at all

Booked for a teledermatology consultation since the circuit breaker started after reading about TWL Dermatology on 8 Days. I had a rash on my feet that won’t go away for a Long time and definitely got worse after CB started. I was planning to see a dermatologist even in February but got busy and now I thought I wanted to avoid hospital visits due to COVID. Helped that my friend also seeing Dr.Teo for last 2 years, but for different problem. But my friend got better and now just maintain with skincare. Don’t really know what to expect for video consultation but must say it really exceeded my expectations. First Dr.Teo and her team of staff nurse Lakshmi is so professional, very detailed in the assessment form and consultation itself very smooth. I send over some pictures according to what they ask and I was given a diagnosis and understand perfectly the treatment and cause given to me. Being skeptic before, now I think this is efficient and effective COs my rash all disappear and not just that, the creams and moisturiser given to me was very very good and not expensive at all, compare to what I been using from pharmacy for years and never have any effect

would definitely recommend their treatments to my family and friends

Great experience here at Dr TWL yesterday! Did the blue light treatment to reduce my acne prone skin and it felt really firm and rejuvenised after completing the 30 min session! The pharmaceutical lab technician also shared with me that i could book a consultation to have a treatment targetted to suit my skin type. Overall a great experience here, and would definitely recommend their treatments to my family and friends.

Dr Teo failed to follow up on this supposed lupus

I had an unpleasant time here. Dr Teo told me I almost certainly had lupus on multiple occasions before I had even scheduled blood tests to test specifically for lupus (there was even a reference to lupus on my invoice). This caused me a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety in an already stressful period of my life.

I had extensive tests done at National University Hospital (NUH) and the tests came back negative for lupus.

In my opinion, doctors should not tell patients they have a high likelihood of any illness before tests for the specific illness have been conducted. The only test I had gotten done at the clinic was an ANA test which was not itself sufficient for a lupus diagnosis (I was told I had to see a rheumatologist to get a lupus test done, which I did).

After telling me I almost certainly had lupus, Dr Teo failed to follow up on this supposed lupus even after I had the actual lupus tests done at NUH and they had come back negative. This suggested a lack of concern on her part.

About Dr Teo Wan Ling

Singapore dermatologist Dr Teo Wan Lin specialises in hair, skin and nail disorders in both adults and children, removal of skin growths, skin cancer surveillance and surgery as well as aesthetics. She is a dermatologist best known and consulted by the media as an expert on skincare, skin diseases like acne, sensitive skin and eczema, as well as on new product launches. She is widely quoted by women’s magazines as a regular contributor and resident beauty specialist for various beauty magazines such as THREAD by Zalora, BURO 24/7, Daily Vanity, Female Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Men’s Health and Men’s Folio.