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Dr. Valentin Low Aesthetic & Laser Clinic

Address: 290 Orchard Road #08-03 Paragon Medical, 238859
Phone: 6720 3323

Dr Valentin Low Reviews

Now I know how to take care of my skin

After NS, I was really troubled by my acne problem. Just then I was introduced to Dr Val by my Mom. She is their regular patron. With a few sessions of laser treatments and some skin care products, my skin got better. Now I know how to take care of my skin. I also continue using their skin care product since it suits me. Thanks Dr Val.

did 4 sessions of IPL at Dr. Valentin Low’s clinic

This is just to share my experience with u gals.
I did 4 sessions of IPL at Dr. Valentin Low's clinic.
He gave me supplement to keep the face less oily as well.
This supplement can be taken only when you feel ur face is oily.

After the IPL treatment, my face become dry.
So I drank more water and also applied lots of lotion and moisturiser to keep the skin moisturised.

I could see the result after the 1st session.
My face become very radiant and open pores on my nose and cheeks were visibly minimised.
My skin used to be very oily and always had pimple
outbreaks which ended up having scars on my face.
Now, the scars are less obvious.
And the best thing is that I do not have to touch-up my make up in the afternoon!
And I can even go out without putting foundation.
Now, I only put loose powder.

I stopped IPL treatment for 1.5 months now.
The skin tone is still even and smooth.
But the pores on my nose and cheeks are back to my original condition.

So I'm thinking of doing Carbon Laser Peel to close up the pores.

Anyway, in my opinion, IPL is constly cos the treatment is not permanent and u r paying such a big buks on just a small improvement!

But we all ladies always wan to be beautiful......so no choice la.....

Dr Low is good

I believe in good words from mouth and good recemmendation from satisfied customers before i chose a doctor to see.
Dr Low is good, i am still his customer till todate, was in his clinic this morning for chemical peels..

Thank you Dr Valentin and his staff

I just received their warm message this morning. It make me realise I should leave a great review on them and share with u all about my experience during my visit last year. What I am going to say is he is an excellent Doctor in the town!
I have been looking for a good Doctor helping me with my acne problem. I have very sensitive skin and really bad acne, but he take care of me very carefully. Thank you Dr Valentin and his staff. Now I gain my confidence back with a fresh and clear skin. I will definitely be back for more treatments in the future!

Doctor Valentin and his staff are incredibly welcoming and nice

Went to see Dr Valentin for my sun damaged skin at about two weeks ago. Gave it a try as it was recommended by my colleague. I went for a consultation and went ahead to get my first treatment done right away. His hands are magical, fast and very experienced! Doctor Valentin and his staff are incredibly welcoming and nice. I was impressed! Can’t wait for my next session.

I will stick with Dr Valentine until he retire

I did a lot of research before finding a clinic I could rely on for some injection. I was looking for very natural result and had heard that is what they specialised in.The clinic is very comfy and relax, the team service are fantastic , well presented and there's never rush plus they include a follow up review. I love the result that is what I request and Dr Valentin did a good job.I will stick with Dr Valentine until he retire. Now I only can trust him to do my face.

price is reasonable when compared with other clinics

This is my first time visiting their clinic. I felt welcomed and comfortable during the whole process. I did my Profhilo injection for $900 with Dr Valentin and I feel the price is reasonable when compared with other clinics that I consulted with. The procedure left me with minimal downtime or any discomfort. Special shoutout to Dr Valentin as he really did a great job and I was amazed by his work. The treatment is also super quick with no downtime so I might drop by during my lunch break for my next treatment.

About Dr Valentin Low

Dr. Low is an experienced practitioner of aesthetic medicine. Dr. Low is a member of various prestigious aesthetic organizations internationally, which include the International Academy of Cosmetic Medicine, The American Society of Laser Medicine and The American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine.