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Address: 501 Orchard Rd, #04-05 Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880
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Dr Vicki Leong Reviews

I recommend Vidaskin over any other clinic because they’re THE BEST!

i am at my early 40s Men , I've received treatments by Vidaskin for about 4 months , now i look younger and more friends around .They are all fabulous with their various skills & specialties. The staff is very caring, extremely knowledgeable & super friendly! I'm always given lots of information about my treatment options, what I can expect afterward & the results I'll experience. Dr Vicki always makes me feel comfortable when she do the treatment with the needle.... I recommend Vidaskin over any other clinic because they're THE BEST! and I always leave with a smile and look forward for my next appointment.

Dr. Vicki was very patient and detailed

I recently saw Dr. Vicki for a consultation. She recommended Ultherapy and Fillers for me. Having seen a few different aesthetics before, I have to say Dr. Vicki was very patient and detailed in explaining each procedure and her thought process to me. Throughout the process, even though the Ultherapy was slightly uncomfortable, she and her wonderful team of staff was very reassuring, and made me as comfortable as possible. With the fillers injection, the result was that I looked much refreshed without looking fake!!! Highly recommended.

definately feel some improvments

So I have heard a lot about Thermage. And I finally plucked up the courage to try the treatment. Anyway, Dr. Vicki was very professional. She analysed my skin and face (do you know the skin is only 2.5mm thick?), and explained what Thermage can do for me. They have performed apprently more than 300 Thermage treatments in 2019. The process was quite pleasant, but they made me put on the numbing cream for too long, in my opinion. It has been about 2 weeks and I have just been to my review appointemnt, and I can definately feel some improvments in my skin texture as well as firmness. They told me that the results will get better over the next 2 to 3 months. Lets see.

been going to Dr Vicky for my laser facial treatment for more than 2 years

This review is long overdue! I've been going to Dr Vicky for my laser facial treatment for more than 2 years. From my 2 years of observation, I'm pretty sure Dr Vicky is a perfectionist! She is always meticulous and make sure that every treatment is done with precision. I know I'm in safe hands. Her team of staff are always friendly and cheerful, making sure that all the patient are well taken care of. I always look forward to my visit to the clinic.

the results are amazing!

I have had fillers done before, but never had fillers done the way Dr. Vicki does. Dr. Vicki is so professional and knows what is suitable for my face and not, and she assured me and made me feel so comfortable while she explained the whole procedure to me! She also took her time whilst doing the treatment, and showed me the difference she made every few steps of the way. I didn't have any numbing cream but the treatment was very tolerable. And probably most importantly, the results are amazing!

results within the first month

I was referred to Dr Vicki Leong by a friend after witnessing her skin improvement over the course of a year. Dr Leong is insightful and tailors her advice and treatments to each individual's lifestyle, needs and wants. Her team of facialists is professional, accommodating and positively pleasant. I was able to see results within the first month of my visit, which is testament to the efficacy of Dr Leong's treatments, and have been going to VIDASKIN for close to a year now.

Packages purchased: PicoSure and Facial Medley Exclusive


Amazing! I had visiting Vidaskin for 1year plus and i love the aesthetic service that target my skin problem. Now my skin had a great improvement compare to previous. Dr Vicki are very professional, do a skin assessment and understand your skin concern before recommend the treatments. The front line staff very polite and friendly whenever i visit the clinic.

About Dr Vicki Leong

Dr Vicki Leong, trained in Australia, has been a medical practitioner in the private sector with special interest in aesthetics for many years. She currently runs her own private practice at VIDASKIN Medical and Aesthetics Clinic, located at Wheelock Place, Orchard Road.

Postgraduate Diploma In Practical Dermatology (Cardiff University , UK)

Postgraduate Diploma in Family Medicine (NUS)

MBBS (University of Melbourne, Australia)